As we know, our computer directly connects to the Internet. Hence our identity is revealed to everybody on the internet. Moreover, any websites that are blocked by our local system administrator can’t be accessed by us. This is where we need Your Freedom. It is a proxy software that can be installed to our computer. Once installed, all applications on our computer can connect to one of the proxy servers of your freedom & disguise your identity. Not only that, Your Freedom, through the proxies allows users to connect to blocked websites on the internet.

Your freedom is available as free download on the internet on However in case, if it is blocked by system administrator then multiple mirrors can be used to download it.

In order to use it you must create an account or register yourself on its website. The basic version of Your Freedom is free while the premium version is not free but gives users higher bandwidth. First install Your Freedom in your computer.

During installation Your Freedom will connect to its central database& will download a list of proxy servers & test them:

As a final step, Your Freedom will ask you to login using username & password and once you login you are ready to unblocking websites on the internet. Please note that you will have to manually configure your browser & other applications to connect to your freedom on port 8080 (web proxy) or port 1080 (Socks proxy) for the connection to work properly.

Now Your Freedom has been successfully installed on your computer. You will be able to access blocked websites on the internet. Moreover, your identity will be completely safe, secure & anonymous.



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