Freegate is a software primarily design to help people in countries where government censor the internet quite tightly (like China, Iran, Myanmar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others)to bypass the restrictions an bypass it. It is based on large no. of proxies located in different parts of the world. The software is free for users within China. However, for users outside China It is a Shareware software, which you need to buy after trial period gets over. it can be downloaded from .

After installation, Freegate will open a new secure Internet Explorer window which can be used to access blocked websites.

Once you start Freegate, It will automatically connect to its directory server and download latest list of proxy severs which connect and allow access.

Once Freegate starts, you can check your current IP address on website .

Freegate is very popular in China, as it is one of the most effective method of bypassing the Chinese government’s blocking firewall. And trust me, if it works in China, It will probably work in most companies, colleges and organizations in other parts of the world.



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